Studio Audition Information:

Please contact Ms. Hart if you are interested in joining the studio. Auditions are scheduled year round. Acceptance is based on availability, student/parent commitment, and work ethic. Studio recitals are held 1-2 times per year and consistent practice is expected.

Lessons are 50 minutes in length and are held weekly from Ms. Hart's home.


Brief Philosophy of music learning:

I believe all people possess the ability to create meaningful music.  As an educator, I focus on musical skills (playing, singing, improvising, listening, composing, arranging, imitating, and emulating) to help students bring out and develop an individual voice in music. 

I also believe that music is a necessary form of human expression that should be developed in every person.  As an educator, I achieve musical development with my students through individualized curriculum.  Teaching, to me is about allowing a student to grow within a positive learning environment, enabling exploration of a broad range of musical skills and ideas.