The Basics:

Teaching is a huge passion for me and I like to do things a little differently in my studio. My goal is for you to love horn, be passionate about learning, and to have fun! My studio will occasionally have a traditional recital, but more often than not we have studio parties and play at events like the German Holiday market in Mountain View. My students improvise, sing, develop healthy playing habits and technique, and advance to a high level because of their commitment and dedication to learning horn.

Studio Audition Information:

Please contact Ms. Hart if you are interested in joining the studio. Auditions are scheduled year round. Acceptance is based on availability and student/parent commitment. Lessons are 50 minutes in length and are held weekly from Ms. Hart's home.

Brief Philosophy of music learning:

I believe all people possess the ability to create meaningful music.  As an educator, I focus on musical skills (playing, singing, improvising, listening, composing, arranging, imitating, and emulating) to help students bring out and develop an individual voice in music. 

I also believe that music is a necessary form of human expression that should be developed in every person.  As an educator, I achieve musical development with my students through individualized curriculum.  Teaching, to me is about allowing a student to grow within a positive learning environment, enabling exploration of a broad range of musical skills and ideas.